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FORUM ARCHIVE Social Security Disability: Time for Reform

March 8, 2013

A Social Security Advisory Board Forum
March 8, 2013, Washington D.C.


Forum Presentations

I. The Urgency of Reforming SSDI

Stephen Goss, Chief Actuary, Social Security Administration
“Financial Outlook of SSDI Program”

Mark Duggan, Professor and Chair, Department of Business Economics & Public Policy, Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania
“Factors Driving the Financial Outlook”

Nicole Maestas, Director, Center for Disability Research, RAND Corporation
“The Effect of SSDI on Employment and Earnings”

II. Models to Promote Labor Force Attachments

Andrew Houtenville, Associate Professor of Economics, Research Director of the Institute on Disability, University of New Hampshire
“Framing the Issues Surrounding SSDI”

Mary Daly, Group Vice President and Associate Director of Research, Microeconomic Research, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
“International Experience with Disability Reform”

Ron Haskins, Co-Director, Center on Children and Families, Budgeting for National Priorities, Brookings Institution
“Gleanings from Welfare Reform and Work”

James Smith, Budget and Policy Manager, Vermont Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
“Benefit Offset as a Return-to-Work Model”

III. Interventions to Achieve Better Case Outcomes

Melissa Davey, Vice President, Social Security and Managed Disability Services, GENEX Services, Inc.
“The Private Sector Experience: Early Intervention with Case Management”

Andrew Imparato, Senior Counsel and Disability Policy Director, U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions
“Youth Transition to the World of Work” (no slides)

Bryon MacDonald, Program Director, Employment and Disability Benefits Initiative, World Institute on Disability
“The Individual Perspective: How to Re-Enter the Workforce”

IV. Reform Proposals: Toward Fiscal and Structural Balance

David Autor, Professor and Associate Department Head, Department of Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
“Supporting Work: A Proposal for Modernizing the U.S. Disability Insurance System”

Jason Turner, Executive Director, Secretary’s Innovation Group
“Reforming Disability – Secretary’s Innovation Group”

David Stapleton, Senior Fellow & Director, Center for Studying Disability Policy, Mathematica Policy Research
“A Process for Reforming Disability Policy”

Jack Smalligan, Acting Deputy Associate Director of the Education, Income Maintenance and Labor Division, Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
“An Evidence-Based Path to Disability Insurance Reform”

Address to the Forum

Michael J. Astrue, Former Commissioner (2007-2013), Social Security Administration
“Straight Talk about ‘Disability Reform’”

Forum Participants

List of attendees


Disability Forum Attendees


Reform Proposals Distributed at the Forum

These four proposals have been put forth by speakers at the SSAB sponsored forum.
The Social Security Advisory Board does not and has not endorsed any reform proposal.

“Supporting Work: A Proposal for Modernizing the U.S. Disability Insurance System”
David Autor and Mark Duggan, December 2010

“Reforming Disability”
Secretary’s Innovation Group
Elosie Anderson, Jason Turner and Richard Burkhauser

“A Roadmap to a 21st-Century Disability Policy”
David Mann and David Stapleton, January 2012

“An Evidence-Based Path to Disability Insurance Reform”
Jeffrey Liebman and Jack Smalligan, February 2013

Social Security Advisory Board Publications distributed at the Forum

The following publications were distributed at the Forum.
For a full list of SSAB publications, see Research.

Filing for Social Security Disability Benefits: What Impact Does Professional Representation Have on the Process at the Initial Level, September 2012

Aspects of Disability Decision Making: Data and Materials, February 2012

A Disability System for the 21st Century, September 2006