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SSAB Examines Medical Evidence Collection in Adult Social Security Disability Claims

May 6, 2022

Washington, DC – Social Security’s disability determination process requires the collection of medical evidence by federally funded state agencies to determine medical eligibility for disability benefit claims. These agencies are challenged to collect sufficient evidence to support timely decisions. In a paper released today, the Board recommends research on ways to speed medical evidence collection.


The Board’s mission is to advise the President, Congress, and Commissioner of Social Security on the Social Security and Supplemental Security Income programs. The Board is comprised of Presidential and Congressional appointees with professional staff.

Previous Board Work

September 2021 Public Session on State Agencies’ Role in Social Security Disability Determinations

On September 232021, the Board hosted a morning and afternoon public session on state agencies’ role in Social Security disability determinations. During the morning session, former Social Security executives briefed the Board on the regulations governing roles in the disability determination process. During the afternoon session, state DDS Directors—representing agencies of varying sizes and organizational structures, and states with different demographic and socioeconomic characteristics—described the unique challenges they face managing disability determinations in their states. Watch the roundtable.

July 2021 Roundtable on Medical Evidence Collection – the Cornerstone of Social Security Disability Determination

On July 29, 2021, the Board brought together state DDS managers and staff, a claimant attorney, and former Social Security executives for a roundtable on the agency’s medical evidence collection process. The roundtable covered an introduction to the evidence collection process and state approaches to collecting evidence. Watch the roundtable.