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The Social Security Advisory Board reports on developments in the representative payee program

June 19, 2019

SSA oversees close to 6 million payees managing $5.8 billion a month on behalf of 8.3 million beneficiaries and recipients. One of the most important activities of the Social Security Administration is the designation and monitoring of payees.

The Board’s latest brief, Recent Developments in the Social Security Administration’s Representative Payee Program, highlights major issues addressed at its September 2018 policy forum and in its January 2019 public comment. The brief also reports on continued Board concerns, which include the use of evidence to inform policy changes, the implementation of the new payee monitoring process, and communication between SSA leadership and the broader public.

As SSA continues to work towards the requirements outlined in the Strengthening Protections for Social Security Beneficiaries Act of 2018, the Board remains committed to supporting improvements through interactions with the public, SSA, policymakers and the broader research community.

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The Board’s public comments are below.