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Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Social Security

Links to updates provided by the Social Security Administration and other agencies about economic impact payments, SSA operations, representative payees, contacting an office, scam awareness, and other important information.

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Protect Yourself from Scams and Fraud

Follow the “learn more” link for a list of resources to help you identify, avoid, and report Social Security-related scams and fraudulent activity through phone calls, email and regular mail. Links to other similar scams and other government agencies are included.

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Board Meetings & Events

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SSAB Announces the Appointment of Amy Shuart

Amy Shuart has been appointed by the House to the Social Security Advisory Board for a six-year term.


New SSAB Report on Using Evidence to Improve Service Equity in Social Security Programs

In a new paper, the Board encourages SSA to improve service delivery by evaluating the quality and accessibility of its services across an array of socioeconomic, regional, and other population characteristics.


SSAB to Host Briefing on Social Security Marriage Penalties

On Friday, July 29, at 11 am ET, a Consortium for Constituents with Disabilities working group will provide a policy briefing on marriage penalties in SSA programs.

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What is SSAB?

The Social Security Advisory Board is a bipartisan, independent federal government agency established in 1994 to advise the President, the Congress, and the Commissioner of Social Security on matters of policy and administration of  the Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance and the Supplemental Security Income  programs. The Board has seven members, appointed by the President, Senate and House of Representatives.

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Information Technology Systems Expert Panel

The Social Security Advisory Board has appointed an independent, expert panel to review Social Security’s efforts to modernize its information technology (IT), which is essential to delivering effective service to the public. The Information Technology Systems Expert Panel (“Panel”) will utilize their expertise and experience to examine progress and key initiatives of the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) IT Modernization Plan, including how systems processes are developed, modified and used by SSA.