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Improving Social Security's Representative Payee Program, January 2018


This paper summarizes the board’s recommendations for both immediate changes by SSA and a plan for broader government-wide action. The board found broad interest in improving SSA’s rep payee program and reached bipartisan agreement on how to do so.


Representative Payees: A Call to Action, March 2016


The Social Security Advisory Board calls for Congress, the Social Security Administration (SSA), and interested stakeholders to reexamine the representative payee (“payee”) program. SSA’s procedures for appointing, selecting, training, and monitoring payees should be reviewed, and a plan should be developed for identifying beneficiaries with declining financial capability. 


2016 SSI Statement on Representative Payees


This paper looks at SSA’s statutory authority, the selection process for rep payees and the different responsibilities of rep payees in SSI and in SSA’s other programs. It also provides an overview of the make-up of the current SSI rep payee program for adult beneficiaries. Although there are troubling issues in the SSI children’s program, touched on in the 2014 SSI statement, this paper focuses on adult beneficiaries. Finally, this report explores a growing movement to replace programs that “care for” individuals with those which tailor support on a case-by-case basis and help beneficiaries retain as much autonomy as possible.


2014 SSI Statement on Children in Foster Care


A major section of the Board's 2014 SSI Statement addresses the role of representative payees for child SSI recipients in foster care and the process in which those rep payees are appointed.


Disability Programs in the 21st Century Series: The Representative Payee Program, September 2010


For more than 70 years, the Social Security Administration has been issuing checks to representative payees who manage the money for beneficiaries who are not able to manage their own benefits. More than five million Old-age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance beneficiaries and nearly three million Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries have payees. SSA has taken steps to deal with the risk that payees will use the benefits for their own purposes. In this Issue Brief we examine ways in which SSA can improve its management of the representative payee program.


2002 SSI Statement on Program Integrity


One section of the Board's 2002 SSI Statement focuses on accountability of representative payees.