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Claire Green, Director (10/12 – Present)

Claire Green joined the Board staff in October 2012 as the Deputy Staff Director and was named the Staff Director in September 2013.  Before that Ms. Green spent two and a half years on Capitol Hill as a Congressional Fellow through Georgetown University’s Government Affairs Institute.  Ms. Green worked for the Senate Finance Committee Majority on the Social Security/Budget Team on issues involving oversight of SSA, trust fund solvency, budget, debt limit and deficit reduction issues and a comparison of public and private sector group disability policies (covered under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act).  Ms. Green worked in the disability component for SSA for 18 years earning over a dozen performance and team awards.  She started as a decision writer and worked in progressively more responsible positions, most recently as Attorney Advisor to the Chief Judge where she worked on complex policy issues, the electronic business process, bias and misconduct complaints against Administrative Law Judges, and employee and labor relation issues.  Ms. Green has a Juris Doctorate from Western State University College of Law; she completed the coursework for a Masters of Fine Arts in Professional Writing and Publishing from Emerson College; and graduated with honors from Assumption College with a double major in English and Sociology.

David Warner, Management Chief (12/98 – Present)

David Warner joined the Board staff in 1998 as a Policy Analyst, and currently serves as the Management Chief/Executive Officer.  Mr. Warner began his career with the Federal Government in 1988 as a budget and program analyst for the Office of the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, D.C.  He worked principally on the administrative budget for the Medicare program and the program and administrative budgets for the Medicaid program and SSA.  Mr. Warner transferred to SSA in 1995.  Until 1998, he served as a senior social insurance specialist for the Office of the Deputy Commissioner for Legislation and Congressional Affairs.  In 1998, Mr. Warner completed a developmental assignment as professional staff to the Social Security Subcommittee of the House Committee on Ways and Means.  He holds a Bachelor's Degree in psychology from the University of Wisconsin and a Master's Degree in public sector and non-profit financial management from the University of Maryland.

Jacqueline Chapin, Ph.D., Policy Chief (09/11 – Present)

Jackie Chapin joined the Board staff in September 2011 as a Policy Analyst, and currently serves as the Policy Chief.  She began her career with the Federal Government in 2004 as a Presidential Management Fellow with SSA's Office of Disability Policy in Baltimore, Maryland.  She transferred to field office operations in the San Francisco region in 2005 and worked in field office management, specializing in Supplemental Security Income.  During her time in the field, Dr. Chapin spent a year detailed to Baltimore working on disability policy.  Prior to working for the Federal Government, she taught Sociology at colleges and universities in both Portland, Oregon and Riverside, California.  Dr. Chapin worked as a registered nurse prior to studying sociology.  She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Sociology at Cal State Los Angeles, and both her Master's and Doctoral Degrees in Sociology at the University of California at Riverside.  While working for SSA, Dr. Chapin earned several agency awards including an Associate Commissioner's Citation and a Commissioner's Team Award for her work in disability policy.

Professional Staff

Joel A. Feinleib, Staff Economist (06/05 – Present)

Joel Feinleib joined the Board staff in 2005 as the Staff Economist focusing on trust fund financing, OASDI reform proposals,  empirical research and managing the quadrennial Technical Panel on Assumptions and Methods.  He previously worked as a research consultant and policy analyst in Washington D.C. and Chicago specializing in the economic, demographic and statistical analysis of social policy issues.  Mr. Feinleib holds a B.S. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and a Masters in Public Policy Studies from the University of Chicago.

Jeremy Elder, Policy Analyst (06/11 – Present) 

Jeremy Elder joined the Board staff in August 2011 as a Research Assistant, after interning with the Board that summer.  He currently serves as a Policy Analyst.  Prior to joining the Advisory Board, he interned at a Maryland advocacy group.  During his time there he researched and drafted legislative testimony on social policy issues including welfare policy, housing, education, and health care policy.  Jeremy holds a BA in Political Science from Mount Saint Mary's University, and is currently pursuing a Master's in Applied Economics from the University of Maryland.

Sarah Weaver, Management Analyst (03/13 – Present)

Sarah Weaver joined the Board staff in March 2013 as a Research Assistant.  Prior to joining the Board staff, she interned for the Senate Finance Committee Majority, researching issues related to Social Security policy, trust fund financing, federal budget, and debt limit and deficit reduction.  Ms. Weaver also interned as an analyst for Jefferies International Investment Bank in London, England.  During university, Ms. Weaver spent a semester abroad at the University of Malta, where she studied monetary economic policy and financial management.  She earned a B.S. in Finance from The University of Montana in Missoula, Montana.

Sterling Laudon, Policy Attorney (04/14 – Present)

Sterling Laudon joined the Advisory Board as a policy attorney in April 2014.  Prior to joining the Advisory Board, he served as a legislative correspondent in the Office of Senator Max Baucus working on Social Security, health, and judicial policy.  Mr. Laudon previously served as a law clerk on the Senate Finance Committee Majority Staff working on Social Security and budget policy.  He holds a Juris Doctorate from the University of Montana School of Law and a Bachelor’s Degree in political science with a minor in mathematics from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver.


Former Staff Members

Staff Directors

Margaret Malone (05/96 – 03/02)

Joe Humphreys (07/02 – 07/07)

Katherine Thornton (02/05 – 10/11)

Deborah Sullivan (09/07 – 06/13)

Professional Staff

Wayne Sulfridge (05/96 – 08/05)

Nivedita Misra Hanock (07/96 – 05/97)

Gil Fisher (09/96 – 04/98)

Jean Von Ancken (06/97 – 12/09)

Joyce Manchester (05/98 –  01/00)

George Schuette (02/99 – 07/11)

Beverly Rollins (09/99 – 02/13)

Mike Brennan (04/00 – 04/03)

Noah Meyerson (09/02 – 10/03)

Jack Dalton (09/03 – 01/05)

David Gamble (09/13 – 03/14)

Alistair (Alec) Moore (06/13 – 01/15)

Robin Walker (12/09 – 03/15)

Detailees from SSA

Peggy Fisher (01/98 – 12/98)

Suzanne Dilk (Blouin) (03/97 – 12/97)

Mike Andrew (08/96 – 04/97)

Jodi Vican (04/13 – 08/13)

Lynn Fisher (9/13 – 5/14)

Emery MacFarlane (02/14 – 05/14)

Kathleen Romig (06/14 – 12/14)

Teresa Pfender (03/15 – 09/15)

Teron Gorham (05/15 – 09/15) 

Anita Kelly (11/14 – Present)

Jenn Rigger (03/15 – Present)

Non-SSAB Employees Who Made Significant Contributions to Board Operations

Fred Arner

Mary Ross

Paul Combs

Interns and Temporary Staff

Lori Bruno (06/97 –  08/97)

Shelly Dorn (06/03 –  08/03)

Ravi Agawar (06/05 –  08/05)

Jake Mortenson (05/06 –  08/06 and 05/07 – 08/07)

Laura Sullivan (05/07 – 08/07)

Bradley Noreen (01/09 –  05/09)

Justin Smith (06/09 – 08/09)

Dean Hunter (06/10 – 08/10)

Shalin Patel (01/11 –  04/11)

Peter Flynn (05/11 – 08/11)

Bilan Stribling (01/12 –  04/12)

Emalie Hoar (05/12 – 09/12)

Paul Monahan (06/12 – 08/12)

Joshua Raddick (06/13 – 08/13)

Randy Yiadom (09/13 – 03/14)

Mohammad Humza (09/13 – 05/14)

Morgan McKenna (06/14 – 08/14)

Connor Dowd (06/14 – 08/14)

Ismael Cid-Martinez (06/14 – 08/14)

Ellen Skirvin (06/14 – 04/15)

Carlie Augustin (05/15 – 08/15)

Amber Davis (06/15 – 08/15)

Claire Jensen (06/15 – 09/15)

Tony Marealle (03/15 – 12/15)

Bethel Dejene (06/14 – Present)

Hong Han (09/14 – Present)

Caitlyn Tateishi (04/15 – Present)

Matthew Graves (11/15 – Present)